State Employee Data

Welcome to the State of Montana's employee database, an online resource providing public access to the State of Montana's employee pay information. Individuals listed in this database were issued a paycheck from the State during the applicable reporting year, regardless of their current employment status. The data is refreshed two weeks following the end of each quarter for the current calendar year. Select from the drop down to retrieve data for a different year.

The "Total" rate of pay represents the "Base" rate of pay plus any additional pay received at the hourly or daily rate, such as longevity or situational pay. Employees appearing more than once may have been employed in more than one position and received pay for more than one job during the reporting year.

You can search by department (state agency), employee name, or city. The information contained on the website is downloadable in XLS, CSV, and XML formats. Click the blue Help button to the right for more information and navigation tips.

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